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Chiropractic care can actually be pretty budget friendly. Learn more about Chiropractor costs and how the economics of chiropractor care can help you save.

Every year, chiropractors treat around 35 million adults and children. There are many reasons people choose to visit a chiropractor for their healthcare; however, a significant factor is the cost of a chiropractor. 

Chiropractor costs are generally less than what you would pay a more “traditional” doctor. Are you interested in scheduling a chiropractor visit, but not sure if you can afford it? 

Keep reading to learn why chiropractic care is a budget-friendly option. 

The Cost of a Healthcare

The cost of healthcare is a growing concern for many Americans. When you can’t afford a visit to the doctor, it’s quite stressful, and you’re left wondering what to do. 

The average cost to visit a doctor’s office in 2019 depended on the code billed. However, it typically ran patients anywhere from 149 dollars to 222 dollars. 

That’s a lot of money when your provider typically sees you for around 15 minutes before moving on to the next patient. In addition, they may order more tests or prescribe a medication that may or may not work. 

You ultimately end up shelling out more money for a solution that may or may not work. 

The Cost of a Chiropractor Visit

In contrast, the average cost of a chiropractic adjustment is 65 dollars. That’s much less than you would pay at your doctor’s office and offers results that you can rely on. 

If you visit Arrow Straight Chiropractic, our self-pay rates are even more affordable. An adjustment costs only 49 dollars. 

Options For Reducing Chiropractor Costs

Visiting the chiropractor makes sense if you don’t have insurance. It costs less than a visit to your doctor’s office, and chiropractic care can help with things like pain, allergies, injuries, and headaches.

However, there are some things you can do to reduce the amount you’re paying out of pocket for your visit. 

Do You Have Insurance? 

Many chiropractors will take insurance. Check to see if your insurance gets accepted by the chiropractor you’re considering. 

In addition, check your insurance’s requirements and limits. Some insurance companies might require a referral from a general practitioner for chiropractic care. 

If your insurance company has limits on how many visits they’ll pay for in a year, you will want to be aware of that. It can affect how you space out your visits, or you can plan ahead for when your insurance stops paying. 

Do You Have a Flex Spending Account, HSA, or CareCredit? 

Have you already set aside money for your healthcare? If so, choose a chiropractor that accepts the form of payment you want to use. 

Flex spending accounts, HSAs, and CareCredit are great ways to pay for your healthcare. Some chiropractors can even help you get set up with CareCredit if you don’t already have an account. 

Get the Care You Need

Chiropractic care is an excellent option for those who need help with various conditions. In addition, chiropractor costs are generally much more economical than the costs of traditional healthcare. 

Are you ready to start feeling better? Schedule an appointment today for the care you need.