Have you been exerting yourself a bit too much? Learn more about the connection between lower back pain and yard work and how you can find a happy balance here.

Did you know your spine has over 120 muscles?

Along with all those muscles, your spine also has 200 individual ligaments and 100 joints. That are many moving parts to get you through your day-to-day activities. When your daily routine starts including things like yard work, your body might start talking to you.

If you’re experiencing lower back pain after working in the yard, there are a lot of factors that could be causing your discomfort. The good news is that, in many cases, lower back pain is entirely preventable. Many different treatment options can provide relief even if an injury has occurred.

To help you understand your options, we’ve put together this short guide. What exactly is the connection between lower back pain and yard maintenance? Read on to find out.

Heavy Lifting and Low Back Pain

Does your yard work include lifting heavy things? Even if you’re only moving a couple of heavy items, it only takes one moment of improper lifting technique to hurt your spine.

Low back pain after outdoor work is usually caused by improper lifting techniques or poor posture. For instance, many people make the mistake of rounding their back.

When you round your back, you put your hips at an unnatural angle. If your hips are out of alignment it’ll stress your spine and surrounding ligaments. To prevent lower back pain from heavy lifting, you’ll have to lift with your knees.

Keep your back straight, and pay attention to what your chin is doing. If your chin is tucked tightly, you could strain your neck. Alternatively, you don’t want to be looking up at the sky as you lift a heavy object. Instead, neutral head positions work best.

Overreaching When Raking

Rakes have been a yard tool since 1874, and new designs provide the opportunity for better ergonomics. The next time you rake your yard, pay attention to what your legs are doing.

Are you maintaining a healthy stance? Or are your legs stretching out at awkward angles?

By standing naturally and keeping your back straight, you’ll be able to avoid raking injuries while raking. Instead of trying to overreach, stay within arm’s length.

Don’t cross your arm over your body, either. Use straight back-and-forth raking motions.

Not Taking Breaks

Overexertion is one of the biggest things you need to watch out for when performing yard work. It doesn’t matter how properly you lift or how well you maintain your posture; if you work too much, you can cause an injury.

Some of the best ways to prevent overexertion are setting a strict schedule. Outline exactly what you’re willing to get done within the day, and don’t go overboard. It would help if you took frequent breaks to rest your body and hydrate.

Preventing Back Pain During Yard Work

As you can see, there’s a lot you have to be aware of when you’re performing yard work. Maintaining proper posture and taking enough breaks go a long way toward preventing injuries.

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