Frequently Asked Questions

General Chiropractic Questions

A natural form of medicine in which a doctor of chiropractic manually aligns the spine to remove nerve interference, allowing the central nervous system to function at its best.

Chiropractors have Doctorate of Chiropractic degrees. They go to school for 8 years, as a typical medical doctor.  Instead of spending time learning about pharmacy, drugs, and surgery, chiropractic students spend that time learning more about anatomy, physiology, and adjusting techniques, as specialists of the spine.

An adjustment is what the chiropractor performs to align the spine. Using his hands or an instrument, the doctor checks each vertebra for movement. He then adds motion to the joint to relieve pressure and remove nerve interference. After your first adjustment, it’s normal to feel a little sore, but not hurt. Most patients feel relief after their adjustments.

No. Chiropractors have many different techniques and ways of adjusting. Just ask about alternative adjustment methods and share your concerns during your consultation or exam.

As each patient is different, so the method is specific or customized for each patient. The goal is the same – align the spine and remove nerve interference to help the body heal, decrease pain, and increase movement. 

That’s called self-adjusting and not recommended. What you’re doing is over-adjusting the healthy joints, which will make them wear out faster. You feel the need for an adjustment because you have joints that are not moving smoothly as they should. You can’t do these yourself! You need a chiropractor to relieve the pressure off those joints using skill and techniques best suited to your unique situation.

We do not!  The chiropractic process removes nerve interference so the body can heal itself without the use of drugs or surgery. If you are experiencing pain, call us today to set up your complimentary consultation with the doctor.

This is different for each patient. Your chiropractor will make recommendations based on your complaints and treatment goals. Patients usually come frequently in the beginning of their treatment to retrain your spine to stay in its proper position, and for many the frequency of visits decreases over time. The goal is to get you out of pain and to maintain good health, which is usually one adjustment every four weeks to keep your spine healthy and its alignment maintained.  You and your chiropractor will decide together how often you are adjusted.

The short answer is no, however the more you use something and the longer you have it, the more you need to take care of it, right? You only get one body, and you need to take care of it. You keep getting your oil changed as long as you keep driving your car. You keep brushing your teeth so they don’t fall out. Just like you keep brushing your teeth and going to the dentist to keep your teeth healthy, you need to get regular adjustments to keep your spine healthy.  The difference is that if your teeth fall out, you can replace them. Your back doesn’t work like that.


Some insurance policies may require a referral from your primary care physician. At your first visit, we will review your benefits. If a referral is necessary for you, we will let you know so that you can contact your doctor for the referral.

We do accept walk-in patients.  However, we recommend that you make an appointment, simply because we want to reduce the time any patient must wait in the office.

Just call our office at (603) 882-7769 Or click “Schedule Your Appointment” at the top of this page to access our online appointment book. We look forward to meeting you.

Reschedules are no problem! Just call our office at (603) 882-7769 we can help you find a better time.

For your first two visits, we ask that you plan about 45 minutes. After that, our goal is to have you out in 30 minutes or less.

For almost all of our patients, we do want to see x-rays before we adjust. Children do not usually need x-rays unless there is a problem, and, of course, we do not x-ray pregnant patients. If you have a recent set of x-rays, please  bring them with you. Your chiropractor can read them at your visit. If you don’t, that’s ok, too. We have an x-ray machine in our office, and the cost is less than you might think!


The cost of chiropractic care can be different for each patient, depending on if you have health insurance and what your specific plan covers and your co-pays.  We will verify your insurance benefits for you during your first visit.

We accept most insurance. We will verify your plan’s benefits and explain the coverage to you.

Our self-pay rates are quite affordable. An adjustment is just $49. We will discuss your options with you. We want to get you out of pain and will do all we can with that goal in mind.

Absolutely. We accept all payment accounts associated with your insurance, as well as CareCredit. If you don’t have a CareCredit account already, we can help you set one up.

Just call our office at (603) 882-7769. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Ages and Conditions

Yes! Pregnant women deal with all sorts of body changes and regular adjustments help ease the process. Your chiropractor can prevent and help back, sciatic, and pelvic pain that often accompanies pregnancy. A balanced pelvis gives the baby more room and can help prevent breech birth. Adjustments during pregnancy can also help labor go faster and easier for mom and baby.

We can start seeing infants as soon as they are born. Being born is often traumatic and can cause tremendous pressure on a baby’s nervous system. The sooner we can remove that pressure, the healthier the baby will be. Adjustments for baby can also help prevent or reduce ear infections, colic, sleeping issues.

Our doctors adjust ALL ages of patients, even the elderly. Older adults want to move and not hurt, too. We adjust the elderly to keep their pain under control and keep them as mobile as possible, for as long as possible.

Yes. Every fall puts pressure on a child’s nervous system. Reducing the pressure on the nervous system will increase function of the nervous system, let the brain communicate with the rest of the body, and help the child develop to their potential. Adjustments can help with problems such as sleeping issues, bedwetting, and ear infections for children as well.

Chiropractic care after a surgery is just as important as before. The discs above and below a fusion have a lot more work to do now and will wear out faster. Regular adjustments will make your discs healthier and last longer.

Generally, yes. Please call our office at (603) 882-7769 for your complimentary consultation. Our chiropractor will sit down with you, talk about your condition, address all your concerns and help you decide if chiropractic is for you.

Please call our office at (603) 882-7769 for a complimentary consultation! Our chiropractor will sit down with you, answer your questions and address your concerns. If we determine that chiropractic is not for you, we will refer you to a doctor who can better help you.